Welcome to “De Gelderhorst”

“De Gelderhorst” based in Ede, is the national centre for elderly Deaf people in the Netherlands. Our services include accommodation, residential care, nursing and special facilities for elderly Deaf people. “De Gelderhorst” consist of a residential care centre including a nursing department. In addition, the building includes three apartment blocks where independent living is offered for elderly Deaf people. These residents may purchase care and services from the centre.

Residential home
“De Gelderhorst” has 64 apartments dedicated to elderly Deaf people who need daily care.

Nursing home
“De Gelderhorst” accommodates the first nursing unit for elderly people in Europe. This unit accommodates 13 demented elderly Deaf people.

Independent living accommodation
“De Gelderhorst” manages 80 independent apartments for Deaf or hard of hearing people from the age of 50. By signing a care-contact, these residents are entitled to receive necessary care should the need to. The residents may also use the services of a sign language interpreter, the central kitchen, cleaning services, the social worker and day-recreation facilities. The reception desk and the administration office may also offer assistance.

Day recreation
Elderly Deaf people in The Netherlands are need of social activities. To communicate together in your own language, spend a nice day together, getting and giving attention, and generally spend the day in a meaningful way. “De Gelderhorst” has day recreation, “De Tulp” in Ede. “De Tulp” allows elderly Deaf people to participate in activities and to meet with fellow Deaf people in a deaf-friendly environment.

Would you like to visit De Gelderhorst?
Due to the corona virus, a visit to the Gelderhorst is currently not possible.